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April 5, 2022
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Grant Process: Step by Step

Learn more about our overall grant process from initial application submission to project kickoff!

Grant Process: Step by Step

Sonr Grant Process

This outlines the process for submitting a grant

Sonr Developer Relations — Michael Amoako (

Step One: Project Submission 

Submit your project idea via our Sonr grant application. Feel free to contact Sonr Developer Relations for support with completing the Sonr grant application. We are happy to support you throughout the process, so don’t be afraid to reach out in the early-stages of idea formation!

Step Two: Sonr Team Follow-Up 

The Developer Relations team will reach out to team members listed in the submitted application to better understand the details of the submission and its alignment with our grant program’s goals. Your team should aim to help us understand the goals of your proposed project and why it is a good fit for the Sonr ecosystem.

Step Three: Grant Amount Finalization

Once the Developer Relations team has completed its follow-up conversation with your team, we will review internally and, if we decide the project is a fit for the grant program, figure out the appropriate grant amount.

Step Four: Project Specification

The Developer Relations team will work with your team to create a project specification, which will outline project scope, goals, deliverables, timeline, grant distribution, and any next steps prior to step five. 

Step Five: Agreement Contract 

To ensure alignment with the Project Specification details outlined in Step Four, the Developer Relations team will send over a signable project contract formalizing the agreement between us and your team!

Step Six: The Fun Begins! 

The Developer Relations team will work closely with you from project kickoff to completion, making sure your project gets across the finish line successfully. You can think of us as an extension of your team, and our goal will be to help you keep things on track, make relevant connections across the ecosystem for project visibility, and keep things aligned with the company’s broader developments. 

Grant Process: Step by Step

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