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Some commonly asked questions to the Sonr Team

What is Sonr?

Sonr is an ecosystem of decentralized peer-to-peer applications built on top of a Cosmos-powered blockchain. The ecosystem includes tools to empower developers to build decentralized applications.

How can I get involved?

Check out our available tools and opportunity at our Resources and Ecosystem tabs.

Why should I care?

Our interactions and experiences in the newly evolving internet paradigm will be governed by decentralized mechanisms. Sonr equips users for this by putting identity at the core of the ecosystem.

When can I get access to Beam?

Beam will be hitting all App Store's this Summer. All .snr/ domain holders will get exclusive beta access!

Are you currently fundraising?


Contact us

Reach out to the Sonr Team regarding any Pitches, Developer Questions, and Support.

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