How it works

Sonr combines a high-speed peer-to-peer network with a Cosmos-powered blockchain, built-in decentralized identity, and supporting tools for developers. Learn more about each of the pieces below.

The Drivers License

Your Sonr domain acts as your driver's license for the Sonr network, enabling verifiable on-chain identity and device linking.

The Motor

Motor nodes serve as peers on the network, sending and receiving data from peer-to-peer activity.

The Highway

Highway nodes serve as the path along which motor nodes are able to communicate.

Cosmos powered blockchain

Sonr's blockchain is powered by an ecosystem of interoperable blockchains. Why Cosmos? Check out some of the Cosmos ecosystem's stats below.

Lower carbon footprint
Low fees
7 sec
Transaction speed
Apps & services

Verifiable On-Chain Identity

Your Sonr Domain is backed by your unique biometric authentication, allowing you to securely control access to your personal data.

On-demand verification

Provide credentials for on-chain identity management on demand.

True digital ownership

Fully control access to your data via your identity, without the need for centralized mechanisms.

Security - Dark X Webflow Template
Real Time Trading - Dark X Webflow Template

Developer Tools & Resources

The Highway SDK by Sonr is the quickest way to take your DWeb Applications to Production.

Encryption - Dark X Webflow Template

Built-in security

Offer your Application users security by leveraging the SDKs decentralized identity tools

User-centric features

Incorporate components and features specially designed for enhanced user experiences