We’re on a mission to unlock true digital ownership

At Sonr we believe that true digital ownership starts with verifiable on-chain identity. We designed our infrastructure to put control of your data into your hands.

The values that drive
everything we do

Our company is driven by four key principles, and our team personifies these core elements to the fullest.

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User Experience First

Design intuitive and innovative user interfaces, rooted in technically sound engineering.

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Feel Stupid, Everyday

Constantly ask questions and actively seek to explore new ideas.

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Move with urgency and focus

"The risk for a firm to jump into a new market greatly outweighs the risk of an agile startup making rapid decisions."

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There are no Incumbents...

In a nascent industry, challenge existing approaches and think differently.

Leadership team

Our team is led by a mix of technical leaders with a wide-range of backgrounds

Our investors

Sonr is backed by an amazing group of high-value investors.